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Mark S. Miller

Proudly serving as your Midlothian Supervisor

THANK YOU for re-electing me as your Midlothian Supervisor in last year's November election.  I am so grateful that I can continue to serve Midlothian for the next four years.

I will work closely with my fellow supervisors to find ways to balance growth in Chesterfield County to ensure that --

  • our roads and our schools are not overcrowded

  • our economy thrives so that we attract new businesses and fill our empty storefronts

  • our schools receive sufficient resources to help every student succeed with the best and brightest teachers, 21st century technology, and no child learns in a trailer

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Balanced Growth

A plan without a shared vision results in chaos.  Don't you think we should pursue development with two questions in mind?


"Does it make sense?"

"Does the community have the capacity  to handle the consequences of the project?"

Supporting Our Schools

Schools, by definition,  are about supporting our students : Smaller classroom sizes, well-appreciated teachers, safe bus drivers and  constant vigilance toward safety.

So I ask you,

"How are we doing?"

Quality Mental Health Care

A strong community is about supporting each other and having the ability for those who need it  to have access to mental health resources in a timely manner.

So what about those who need it and those who don't even realize that they need it until it is too late?


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